How To Backup WordPress: The Best Services and Plugins

When I started creating websites years ago I had no idea just how important it is to keep a backup of your site available in case things go wrong. A long time ago it wasn’t even that easy to create one on a constant schedule, but technology has advanced quite a bit since then. WordPress is now a very powerful platform and there are many developers out there who are thriving to create great products, plugins and services for people using this platform.

When it comes to creating backups there are hundreds of solutions available and honestly it is very difficult to choose. However, I’ve tried a lot of them and did quite a lot of experimenting and as such the opinions displayed in this article can be considered very well researched. However, the final choice about which service you will go for is ultimately up to you!

Dropbox Backup for WordPress

WordPress Backup to Dropbox

I’ve invested a lot into Dropbox quite some time ago as I needed their cloud storage services to improve productivity at work. When I discovered that there is a Dropbox plugin for WordPress that lets you create backups and upload them to your Dropbox account I was very happy and eager to try it out. Honestly, it works great and allows you to schedule the backups manually. Since you can get several Gigabytes of storage on Dropbox for free, this is a great option for new projects and startups. However, even the premium version lacks some features that I would have enjoyed having and advanced users will not have as much control as they may need. Either way, it is a great solution for creating free backups for WordPress.

Google Drive for WordPress

Google Drive for WordPress

Let me say this from the start: if you need a free cloud-based solution then I’d rather go with Dropbox than Google Drive. This is perhaps just a personal preference, but I can’t say I liked the Google Drive for WP plugin very much. It can get the job done, but it just isn’t very versatile at all and I don’t see it as a trustworthy option. Nonetheless, if you already have a lot that you’ve invested into Google Drive then it is alright to go with this option as well until you can afford something better.

BackWPup Free and Premium

BackWPup Plugin

This is where things get interesting on my list and a lot of people may find what they are looking for right here. So, BackWPup Free is a plugin that is very reliable and powerful. The main asset that it has is (in my opinion) the ability to connect this plugin to popular cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Sugar Sync and even Google Drive! If you don’t want to use a cloud (which I recommend that you should) then you can still get the backup saved in a local directory and retrieve to your local machine or another server via file transfer protocol.

Since this plugin is extremely popular (more than a million downloads) there is also a pro (premium) version which comes with more features as well as a support service. The plugin is currently available not just in English, but also in French, German, Russian and Simplified Chinese.

Backup Buddy (Premium)


As a developer I really appreciated the fair pricing tag of the Backup Buddy and by this I mean that one can get an unlimited number of licenses for as low as $150. The main advantage of this is basically that I can use this plugin on websites that I create for clients as well for my own projects which is a great advantage in comparison to competing products.

The core of this plugin is that it provides a backup solution similar to plugins such as BackWPup with the ability to export to the cloud via Dropbox, Amazon S3, Rackspace etc. However, it goes a lot beyond this by providing additional features. The one that really meant a lot to me was the ability to painlessly migrate a site between servers or domains without dealing with too much downtime. Aside from this, there is a lot more that Backup Buddy has to offer and a lot of people will often mention that they provide you with the ability to easily restore a website with the latest backup if something goes wrong or your site gets hacked.

I hope this article will ease your decision and you can check our list of the Best WordPress Backup Plugins.

Thanks for reading!

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