Best WordPress Education Themes in 2014

WordPress has quickly become the best platform for various types of websites, and thanks to powerful plugins we can even create amazing apps. As such it is no surprise that WordPress is even used in education by prestigious universities such as Harvard and Georgia State Uni. The applications of these sites can be very different and they depend on the user’s needs. One can create entire course management systems (such as the old Moodle platform) or just settle with awesome presentation-type websites that offer content and information. Luckily, there are a lot of themes out there that focus on education and provide everything you need in a single package. As such, here is our list of the best WordPress education themes in 2014 (so far) that fit a variety of roles and circumstances.

WordPress Learning Management System

WPLMS Learning Management System

Ever wanted to create a website that looks like Coursera or edX? This is more than a theme, it is an entire modification of the WordPress platform that will provide you with a while new CMS to work with. You can create coursse (that you can even charge money for) and you can integrate quizzes and tests to check the knowledge of your students. This theme requires BuddyPress (included) and features WooCommerce support.

Academy Learning System


This theme is similar to WPLMS, but it may be a better choice depending on your preferences. While it provides the same features, the layout and look are completely different. This is mostly because BuddyPress is not an integral part of the system, which a lot of people prefer. Just like the other one this theme also allows you to process payment via WooCommerce.

EDU WordPress Collage


Your third option is a theme called EDU which is based on the stToolKit and the Smooth Themes framework. It provides the same course management functionalities as the previous two themes and allows you to easily customize everything. The course builder is very simple to sue and comes with a drag-and-drop functionality.



Let us move away from the learning management systems and dive into something more ordinary. Namely, Jasper is a brilliant theme if you are looking to create a responsive website for your educational facility. It was built on Twitter Bootstrap and comes with several lovely freebies such as the Nivo and Flex sliders as well as WooCommerce integration. This theme also allows you to create custom presentation pages for your courses and professors!

Grand Collage

Grand College

This is a very elegant WordPress education theme that comes with a dedicated page builder, making the website easy to manage and edit. The developers of the theme provide premium support, making this theme really worth the money you pay for it.

Park Collage


This is a great theme to work with, but also a great theme to learn from if you are a developer. The code is well-documented and you get access to a lot of PSD files that you can utilize for other projects. The theme is also retina-ready and one of the best-looking themes on mobile that I’ve seen in a long time.

My Collage

My College

This is yet another brilliant theme that is easy to work with even if you don’t have any codding knowledge. While this is isn’t a learning platform, you can still show-off all of your courses and faculty staff via the included features.



This is a clean and elegant theme that has a focus on showcasing news, courses and professors. The blog functionality allows you to have a lot of well-organized content that you can even outsource to your students. Overall, it is a very good theme that was made as a mobile-first, meaning that it is just as stunning on other devices.

Education Theme


Great theme for education websites from well known WordPress theme shop Studiopress. Theme comes packed with everything that you ever need and it’s based on Genesis framework so you don’t have to worry about coding standards, site speed and Search Engine Optimization.

WP Education

WP Education

We will close our list of the best WordPress education themes in 2014 with a theme from vuzzu which is a bit older, but still relevant and awesome. WP Education is simple to use and comes with a lot of interesting features that empower students and professors. File sharing and blogging networks are included, and there is a simple event system as well.

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