Best WordPress Maintenance Plugins

It is never easy to edit your site’s plugins or themes while you have lots of visitors online. So how to inform users that your site is under maintenance? There is big number of plugins which allow you to do that but not all of them are good. In that huge list of plugins we managed to single out four best Maintenance plugins which will allow you to do your work while informing your visitors about that.

1. Maintenance ModeĀ 

Maintenance Mode plugin is simple plugin which adds a page to your blog or site which tells visitors that your site is down for maintenance. Visitors will see simple message which you write to show. As an administrator you can log in and you will see site like it usual is, only visitors will see maintenance mode message.


2. WP Maintenance Mode

WP Maintenance Mode is basically same plugin like the one above. It adds a custom page which tells your visitors that your site is down. With login you can get full acces to front end and back end of your site. Best thing is that it contains many different themes which you can use.

WP Maintenance Mode


3. ThemeFuse Maintenance Mode

ThemeFuse Maintenance Mode is one of the prettier and very professional looking coming soon plugin. This plugin comes with some nice features, some of them are ability to change background, insert custom admin message, Twitter integration, newsletter subscribe form, time count down and the best of all it’s completely free.

ThemeFuse Maintenance Mode

ThemeFuse Maintenance Mode 2

4. Custom Coming Soon Page

Last one of our maintenance plugins is another very simple plugins which shows visitors custom coming soon page and administrator can see fully functional website.



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