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It is clear that WordPress has evolved as a platform over the past years and it now allows us to easily create things that we believed were impossible. Social and membership sites are a great example of this. In the past, one needed to know (among other things) a lot PHP and MySQL to make one, but now you can set one of these within a couple of minutes.

However, you should know that there are a lot of plugins out there that handle the term “membership site” very differently which means that they provide very different features. Nonetheless this article will guide you through the best WordPress membership plugins on the Internet and help you understand how they work. Hopefully your next plugin is right here on this list!

S2Member Framework

With almost half a million downloads this is one of the most popular plugins for handling members, multiple roles as well as premium subscriptions. The basic idea of the plugin is to create areas of your website that will be locked to people who don’t have the proper access, but over time this plugin has taken things a lot further than that.

Thanks to native support for BuddyPress you can create not just a membership site, but a whole social network with custom profiles and even forums. You can limit areas and pages to specific user groups and create special download pages for eBooks and other resources. The S2Member Framework also supports PayPal website payments to manage premium members.


Private Content WP

Let us take a step back from the previous plugin and focus on something a bit simpler. The Private Content plugin has a lot less features, but it focuses on one specific task and executes it flawlessly and to perfection. This lightweight membership plugin for WordPress allows you to create an unlimited number of user groups and assign their permissions for menu items. If users don’t have permission to a particular section then you can easily just redirect them to the sign-up page.

private content plugin

WP Members

This membership plugin is a free alternative to the one above, but it does have some limitations. Nonetheless it provides you with everything that you will probably need to get started. It allows you to block certain pages/posts to users who aren’t in a specific user groups.

You have a lot of control over the registration process as you can create custom registration fields, include CAPTCHA security and even hold new registrations until an admin approves them. However, aside from these options you are fairly limited if you want to create anything else.



One can hardly create a good list of membership plugins for WordPress if they don’t mention BuddyPress, a plugin that is arguably one of the first to attempt this level of user integration with the WordPress platform. So, what does this handy membership plugin do? Well, it does quite a lot and it will essentially turn your website into something completely different. You will even need to get a new theme for BuddyPress since your regular one won’t work and the default one isn’t very good.

This plugin will allow people to sign-up, manage their own profiles, post messages, make connections with others, interact in groups and forums and so much more! This is literally a social network in a box that can be installed with a single click! There are even free plugins for BuddyPress available as well.


User Profiles Made Easy

Let me tell you right away that this plugin does exactly what the name suggests and that it is very useful for a variety of websites. First of all, you can allow users to register and customize their profiles and display content to them based on their permission level. However, in addition to this standard feature you will also have elegant profiles for your users and a functional members list.

Aside from this, the plugin has great integration with WooCommerce and will automatically sync user data with their account details. This means that this plugin is extremely useful for online stores that wish to engage users even further.

User profile plugin

Magic Members

Magic Members i a powerful WordPress Membership plugin that comes packed with plenty features that will help you create successful membership website. Some of the great features are Pay Per Post Access, Payment integration, Download Manager, Category Protection and many others. This plugin is worth to checking out!


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