How to make your WordPress site Responsive

Making a WordPress website responsive can be difficult if your current theme isn’t already built on a framework that supports such changes to the layout. This is very problematic as responsive design is very important these days since mobile users are growing rapidly each month. Until you can get a new responsive theme or a custom-made design we recommend that you use plugins to make your WordPress website responsive. In this article we will feature and discus some of the best plugins to make your site responsive and what makes them valid choices for your current project.

DudaMobile Builder

This is a very unique plugin that lets you use a drag-and-drop system to design how your website should look on mobile devices. While it may take some time to organize everything and create the design you want, the whole plugin is very simple to use and coding knowledge is required. We recommend that you have a look at the screenshots section to see examples of just how successful this responsive plugin can be.


WP Mobile Detector

This plugin won’t make your current website responsive, but will instead serve a completely new mobile theme to users who visit your website via mobile devices. These themes can be customized as easily as regular themes, but we must warn you that they don’t provide too many options for you to play around with. Nonetheless, you can still create a good-looking mobile website, but we only recommend this plugin as a temporary solution. However, it should be noted that advanced functions such as an analytics dashboard make the plugin a lot more useful.


WP Touch Mobile 

Interested in creating an elegant and simple mobile layout for your smartphone users? If so, this is also another great plugin to make your website responsive. It requires some customization, but no coding is required and everything can be done via the admin dashboard. If you do know a bit of CSS though you can create a lot of interesting designs of your own based on default themes that WP Touch Mobile brings to your WP installation.


Mobile Theme Switcher

This is a plugin that allows you to switch between themes depending on the users resolution and device. It is a great way to set-up a mobile, responsive theme for visitors who are using smarthpones while keeping your original desktop theme for users who have the screen size necessary to support it. The mobile themes also very pretty well with the W3 Total Cache plugin so you will be able to further optimize your mobile site for better performance and higher speed.


 uSquare Mobile Grid

Finally, here is something awesome for the developers who are looking to create their own themes for WordPress. This isn’t a plug-in; it is a framework for WordPress that is packed inside a theme that you can work with in order to create beautiful, responsive websites. The code is well-documented and easy to work with and a lot of the options can be edited via the Dashboard so you don’t need to bother with hunting down the color properties in the CSS files in order to make basic changes to the design.


If you think that some of these above solutions won’t work for you, we made a list of the Best Responsive Themes in 2013 so you can check it and find something for yourself.

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