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There’s no doubt that Mojo Themes is one of the larger marketplaces where you can buy premium high-quality themes for your projects. However, only a handful of people know that the company behind Mojo Themes is called Mojoness Inc, and they are a startup company from Salt Lake, Utah. They have a clear vision for their marketplace and as the number of themes on their site grows their vision becomes coherent to everyone.


Business Model and Quality

What can you expect to find on Mojo Themes? Well, this open marketplace brings together developers and designers from all over the globe and provides them with the opportunity to reach a large market. As long as their themes fit the quality standards and requirements they will be listed for sale in their respective categories. WordPress themes are certainly some of the top-selling items here and there are a lot variety to choose from. Aside from this you can find regular HTML templates as well as themes for Joomla, Drupal and Magento.

Creating an account is free and there are no membership options available. This means that you must buy each theme separately and there are no bundle options such as those provided by WpZoom. Most of your money (from 50 to 70%) goes straight to the developers and the designers who created the theme and this is great for several reasons. The main reason of course is that you get to directly support them which will give them the motivation to improve the theme even further via frequent updates. Your purchase also means that the creators of the theme will provide you with free support in case you have any trouble with the product.

There isn’t a money-back guarantee, but you are eligible for a refund if the product does not function correctly or does not provide what was promised. This rarely happens though since Mojo Theme’s staff reviews all of the items before they go into sale. The staff is also available for any pre-sale questions and there is an extensive knowledgebase and FAQ available for buyers who are new to the site.

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