At Sinotau, our dedication is unwavering in advancing the development, production, and introduction of radiopharmaceuticals that adhere to the highest industry standards in terms of quality, effectiveness, and innovation. Our product portfolio boasts practical applications in the realms of oncology, neurology, and cardiology, underscoring our commitment to pioneering solutions for better healthcare outcomes.

Innovative Radiopharmaceuticals

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Florbetaben F 18 injection(with Chinese trademark 欧韦宁®

The first radiopharmaceutical targeting β-amyloid approved in China to be used to support early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease (AD)

Additional Products

Adenosine Injection(with Chinese trademark 欧达乐®

Classic stress-inducing agents used for assisting in the diagnosis of myocardial ischemia

Cardiac SPECT

The first domestically produced dedicated cardiac SPECT